A jack of all trades is a mistress of none, but oftentimes better than a mistress of one.

Some people graduate high school and join the army. I went to film school on a full FAFSA grant and earned my associates’ degree with honours. I’ve trained on nearly every technical position, worked on 15+ film and video projects, and spent long hours camped out in bad conditions — from cold, wet urban landscapes to sweat-infused editing rooms. The most important creative skill I came away with was the ability to take a beating and learn from it. I apply this to my own work, and to others: it’s always better to learn effectively from mistakes than to let fear of making them stop you from trying.

I moved from Seattle to BC in 2010, and later applied and was accepted to the UBC School of Creative Writing. There I built on my film production experience and graduated with a BFA focused on Screen and Television writing.

As a result of this academic experience and my own volunteer efforts, I have read, reviewed and developed hundreds of pages across the major writing disciplines. I now apply that knowledge to my position at Arc Studio Pro, where I handle community integration, as well as my role as a moderator in various online screenwriting communities.

I enjoy helping others achieve their story goals, and supporting them as they pursue their objectives. I am constantly trying to teach myself different creative disciplines, and I am compulsively curious about subjects ranging from classical history to current affairs.

As evidenced on this website, I’m a writer primarily of prose and screen, as well as a ready hand with academic and professional copy.

I’m here to give notes and kick ass, and I’m all out of notes.

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