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Freelance Inquiries:      v@victoriadecapua.com

I do direct billing via Zoho Invoice and PayPal in order to keep prices affordable, but I can also be found on Upwork or LinkedIn Services. Note, please do not attempt to negotiate off-site work on Upwork’s platform or it will violate their policies and result in a ban.



Blog articles including magazine-style interviews, educational articles, and SEO optimized content.

$100 – $125 depending on length and/or research. Hourly for added revisions.


An example of my copywriting and copy-editing skills in elevated scholarly tone. I do not accept commissions to write academic essays. 

Public Body, Private Mind: The Inner World of Shakespeare’s Henry V


I am available to ghostwrite, or assist writers with development, if the project is suitable.


$200+ base rate for partial contribution, outlines, rewrites, polishes, development, etc.  $500 – $1000 for full ghostwritten projects.


I’ve provided feedback and notes to writers for 10+ years, and can help you navigate blocks, story issues, character development and more. I specialize in fiction, non-fiction and screenplay.

Feedback Examples<<

$50 – $80 – one pass on 40-100 pages of material. $80 – $400 on 100+ pages, up to full manuscript or script.




Academic Qualifications

A.A.S. Film and Video Communications – Seattle Central Community College – Class of 2008

B.F.A. Creative Writing  – Fiction, Nonfiction, Screenplay – University of British Columbia – Class of 2018