Limited Series – 8×70

In 2040, a powerful nuclear satellite is brought down by terrorists, exploding in the Marianas Trench and ripping a hole in the earth’s crust.  The unprecedented devastation creates world-wide volcanic eruptions, alters the earth’s axial tilt, and causes the seas to rise above all but the highest elevation – the Himalayas, now world’s last continent. Refugees with the means now flee to humanity’s final society, one founded on scarcity, violence, religious exploitation, and fading hopes.

In the Himalayan altitudes, protected by a hydroelectric project begun by her family years before, the brilliant and mercurial Rachel Kori struggles to find meaning in a world that no longer recognizes or rewards her gifts.  When, in 2043, Rachel and her ambitious brother Vikram are faced with the freak appearance of a powerful American war ship, Rachel is forced into the middle of a conflict that will redefine her, her world, and everyone in it.  


Please note that all episodes listed are the most current drafts, and all of the episodes are subject to constant revision. I am going to try to keep these episodes current and updated so that they are available for reading and comments. They will be uploaded as they are revised and/or story synced. This is my original intellectual property, and if you attempt to steal it, it will be funny. For me. Not for you.


 World, Characters and Themes

Chapter 1: The Remains

In a high altitude community built around the operation of a massive hydroelectric dam, the brilliant Kori family do what they can to provide water and electricity to the struggling people below, but the situation is rapidly deteriorating as a powerful paramilitary force begins to assert itself, led by Sergei, the the dam’s former security officer

Rachel Kori, daughter and youngest child of Radhesh and Nadia, is on the verge of losing all will to continue. She and her brother Vikram, both of them brilliant and afflicted by pathologically acute memories, have fallen very far from the status and admiration they enjoyed as prodigies three years prior to the Fall. Once a star surgical candidate at Oxford University, Rachel grows closer to accepting her life and talent now have no meaning.  On the third anniversary, knowing she’s at risk for self harm, Vikram intercepts her at the dam. As she relents and steps down, she notices an unknown ship – an American naval vessel – on the horizon.

Their lives and the lives of everyone who remains changes forever when this powerful technological relic makes contact with their battered society. Rachel in particular is given reason to hope when the ship’s second in command, handsome Dr. Hudson Ford, comes to stay at her family home in the high elevations. Rachel grows close to him as he tries to help her regain her skills, but her happiness is brief, interrupted as her mother comes down with a mysterious illness.  Sergei, who holds a longstanding unrequited affection for Rachel, shows his displeasure at Hudson’s interest in Rachel.

Chapter 2: First Do No Harm

Events in the sky-burial grounds force Rachel to flee to the Cradle, where she becomes a wanted fugitive in a deeply dangerous world. She manages to escape the slums with Sergei hot on her tail, but is captured by Edward Blythe, a mercenary and arms dealer with his own motivations. Aboard the Walsh, Captain Delaware Ford is done waiting to hear from his younger brother, and strikes out into the Cradle on a one-man mission to find out what happened to him. Receiving an open transmission from Edward, Delaware recovers an unconscious Rachel. Together they navigate through the Choke, evading Lammergeier patrols in order to gain the strand, and reach the ship – but not without terrible cost.

Chapter 3: Aqua Vitae

After taking Rachel prisoner, Delaware tries to uncover the truth about Hudson. Vikram and Sergei make an alliance with the untrustworthy Reverend Miryam LeClerc, with plans to undermine her church. Delaware, in an effort to get the truth out of Rachel through more civilized means, eventually corners her and demands to know the details. When he realizes that her resistance comes from her painful memory and not spite, he gives into a moment of vulnerability – until she tells him what really happened. Rejected utterly by Delaware in his rage, Rachel escapes the Walsh and returns to the Cradle in a bid to return home, but is intercepted by Miryam, who – in addition to torturing her – reveals a terrible secret about her brother Vikram.  

Chapter 4: The Mark

Rachel is back aboard the Walsh, but after being waterboarded with plague water, falls deathly ill from exposure. Delaware does what he can to help her, and monitors the situation in the Cradle, tracking a series of horrific events that begin with the suicide bomb assassination of Radhesh Kori, culminating with Vikram’s retaliation against Miryam in the form of a total massacre of her followers. Delaware informs a recovering Rachel of these events as gently as he can, but she has a panic attack in the shower, necessitating his assistance. Shortly after his intervention, they finally consummate their relationship. Meanwhile, Vikram is approached by Edward Blythe with an offer to supplant Sergei, and the offer of a more intimate alliance. Sergei also makes a new ally after his attempt to organize a gang militia is disrupted.  Aware that the situation on the ground has changed now that the Lammergeiers have tasted wholesale slaughter, Vikram activates a new strategy. 

Chapter 5: Who Dares Wins

Aided by Edward, Vikram hacks the Walsh’s OS, and uses it to gain control of the ship, forcing Delaware and his people to evacuate. Rachel remains behind as a captive, but quickly makes good her escape after a small nudge from Edward and some help from an old friend of her mother’s. Sergei continues to dally with Lucretia while Delaware regroups and assembles the River, his hand trained special force, in order to prosecute a ground war against Sergei and recover Rachel. However, Rachel is betrayed en route to the Crown, and makes a decision to play into Sergei’s hands. Sergei uses her as bait to draw Delaware’s team armoured vehicle team into an ambush. Aboard the Walsh, Edward and Vikram seem to grow closer, until Vikram accuses him of allowing his sister to escape on purpose. Edward, annoyed by Vikram’s inattention and distrust, leaves the ship with the stated goal of recovering her from the Lammergeier barracks. Meanwhile, Rachel disdains Sergei’s appeals for them to kiss and make up, inspiring him to take out his rage on Lucretia.

Chapter 6: Let God Sort Em Out

Brutally betrayed by Sergei, Lucretia enlists Edward’s help to aid her and Rachel’s escape. Delaware assaults the barracks but Rachel is forced to let Sergei escape after he inflicts a near fatal wound on Lucretia. Once away, Rachel is able to stitch Lucretia up, and rebuffs Edward when he comes to check on them, accusing him of foreknowledge of the risks. Edward still manages to see Lucretia before he leaves for the Walsh, and promises to take revenge for her. Delaware’s team meets with a disaster as Sergei, out of nowhere, launches a surprise attack with T4 Armata tanks. Jackson Team is just able to escape, but not without casualties. Further north, Ortiz and the Marines dig in and defend as Vikram turns their own ship’s guns against them, preventing them from retreating from the inbound tank column. Rachel and Kurosawa undertake a dangerous sabotage mission to trap and blow up the column inside a tunnel. Delaware orders the Marines to retreat and ambushes the pursuing Lammergeiers. Sergei, enraged by the loss of his armour units, perks up when Vikram invites him to bring his forces aboard the Walsh. Vikram and Edward, expect Sergei’s treachery but fail to account for the effectiveness of Sergei’s tactics. Once having disabled Vikram’s soldiers, Sergei orders Vikram to be taken to the flight deck, then follows, knife in hand. 

Chapter 7: River Full of Aces

Now Sergei’s captive and unable to control the NCOM, Vikram resists surrender. He calls Sergei’s bluff about his holding Rachel captive, but Sergei reveals the truth to Vikram about his past relationship with Rachel, causing Vikram to despair. Edward frees the remaining soldiers from the brig and carries out a stealth assault on Sergei’s forces just as the River dive team infiltrates the ship and captures the remaining aircraft. Their sudden attack enables Sergei to escape Edward’s justice, and dives off the side of the ship. Vikram and Edward are forced to defend the ship against the River’s aerial assault. Vikram is able to destroy one of the jets, forcing the rest of the team to retreat to land. Rachel and Delaware lead their forces to the Crown and reunite with old friends. Together they make a plan to retake the ship. Sergei, injured but still formidable, returns to his remaining forces, and star. Edward confronts Vikram about his naïveté and his hypocrisy. Rachel fulfills Delaware’s painful request to view the place of Hudson’s death. In the morning, they wake up to the arrival of new, dubious ally. 

Chapter 8: La Paz

Suspicious of Edward’s offer of help to break Vikram’s hold on the Walsh, Rachel agrees to allow him to convey her back to the ship as a fake prisoner. Vikram is dismayed by her return, unable to reconcile her past with Sergei, and wracked with guilt for all of his failures. He begs her forgiveness, but then gives up the effort when he realizes the inferiority of his own love for her. He allows her to have free movement of the ship, and she instructs Edward to keep him distracted while she hacks into the system. Sergei, speedily recovered, sets a tail on Lucretia and amuses himself by causing as much havoc and death as he can, using his forces to burn and murder the Cradle residents. Miryam and her Revelationists return to the scene and launch their own very effective campaign against Sergei’s Lammergeiers. Sergei, now utterly reduced, searches out Lucretia. Knowing she can’t escape him, Lucretia instead poisons herself, seduces him and kisses him, exposing him to it. He passes out and is just barely able to escape death. Signalled by Rachel, Delaware’s forces charge towards the ship while Edward’s soldiers prepare for attack. Rachel, using her own code and a composite image of her brother to fool the NCOM, is able to print an override key. She, Edward, Vikram, and Delaware converge on the bridge. After a fight, Edward stabs Vikram, and is then overpowered when Vikram opens the bridge doors, letting Delaware and his Marines inside, and enabling Delaware to regain control of the ship. Rachel saves her brother’s life in surgery, though he remains crippled. Edward is imprisoned and later executed. The ship takes on hundreds of people and prepares to depart. Sergei, having been captured by Miryam, is crucified before a large crowd. After some time passes, Vikram and Rachel discover that the seas are beginning to lower, and they make plans to sail to La Paz, Bolivia to establish a colony, but Vikram kills himself before they arrive. The Walsh offloads its passengers, who set about building a new society. Rachel and Delaware contribute what they can, but decide, in the end, to return to Himalaya.



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