Book I: The Remains

Gifted with extraordinary powers of memory, Rachel Kori and her ambitious brother Vikram are poised to claim their places in history — until a nuclear attack causes an underwater volcanic eruption, drowning the earth’s surface and leaving only Himalaya as the last habitable continent.

Exiled along with the remaining human population, Rachel struggles as her condition turns against her, overwhelming her with painful memories of life before. Vikram deals with this by throwing himself into the task of nation building, but his desperation to save human civilization leads him to neglect his emotionally disintegrating sister.

On the three year anniversary of the Fall, a strange American warship appears on the horizon, forcing the Kori family to acknowledge a new, uncertain reality. Vikram, consumed with a hidden desire to take the ship, sets about gathering intelligence. Rachel, meanwhile, must confront the brutal society she’s been hiding from — and the return of the sadistic gangster-turned-warlord who has been obsessed with her since before the Fall.
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